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Why Getting the Best Deal Is All About Timing

Getting a good deal is something we all like. You save money and get better things. But just how much of an effect does timing have on getting the best deals? That’s what we’ll find out today. Whether you’re searching Craigslist, your local newspaper, or hoping that a particular store is going out of business, every deal hunter has their own combination of tactics. But if there is one thing they all have in common, it’s waiting until the ideal time to seal the deal. To test this theory and see how much of an impact timing really has on getting the best deals, I decided to pit two closets against each other – one containing my second-hand clothes and the other containing new clothes that I bought on sale at full price (at different times). 

The type of purchase matters. If you’re looking for the lowest price on a new car, it’s not as important to time your purchase when the carmaker is offering incentives as it is to buy when the car is on sale at your local dealership. However, if you’re hoping to get a good deal on a vacation package or plane ticket, then timing matters greatly.

Timing plays a role in everything we do. It’s the difference between being able to get that perfect job and losing it because you didn’t apply at the right time. It’s the difference between paying a high price for a product and getting it for half the price. Timing is important when it comes to getting the best deal, too. That’s because there are certain times when stores need to get rid of excess inventory, so they offer discounts to get rid of their goods.

 A lower price isn’t always the best deal. It’s true that there are times when prices are lower than usual (think back to the recession a decade ago), but most of the time the best time to buy something is right now. This is because it’s not just about price—it’s also about value. And value changes over time. So while some people think they’re getting a good deal by waiting for a few months until prices drop further, others are missing out on better deals they could have gotten if they had waited just a little longer.

Use your calendar to save. You might be surprised at how much money you can save by using a calendar app like Google Calendar or iCalendar (Mac) or Outlook (PC). Use these tools to track upcoming events and deadlines so that they can inform how much money goes into your savings account or retirement fund each month. It’ll be easier than ever to stick with your budget when your savings goals are built into your life schedule!

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